With a decade of experience leading and managing creative teams, I have developed a deep love of coaching and managing creatives, helping them become the best versions of themselves.

I’ve spent nearly 20 years filling various creative roles for in-house teams, with the last decade creative directing, managing creatives, artists, content, and products. I began as an intern shooting and editing video, taught myself the adobe creative suite, and grew into a Creative Director who loves telling stories. I’ve spent the last 10 years serving as the in-house Creative Director at large, innovative non-profits in Washington, DC and Orange County. I’ve lead communications teams, creative teams, and cross-functional teams to align around commons goals, execute vision, solve problems, and deliver consistently excellent creative content on a wide range of creative projects from short films and print magazines to marketing campaigns, websites, and a wide variety of design projects.

Beyond the creative, my passion over the last 10 years of leading has been in developing people. As a creative myself, I understand the creative process and the pressures that come with artistic roles. Leading these teams has birthed in me a passion for healthy team culture and people development. I’ve co-lead staff development teams where I was responsible for creating a yearly action plan for the staff, as well as creating and facilitating staff development events, and ensuring that employees were reaching their full potential. I’ve developed a Staff Culture Team aimed at reinforcing values and caring for the team. Moving out of the pandemic, I’ve had to completely rebuild creative and communications team from the ground up.

In a recent role I was tasked with building and developed a Creative Arts Volunteer Team to pursue new creative content projects at a low cost to the organization. I was responsible for growing, developing, and mentoring the team. We focused on team culture, and after building a leadership and coaching pipeline, grew the team from 2 to more than 80 creative volunteers in less than 8 months.

In 2021 I launched a gathering of artists in Orange County aimed at developing community, providing opportunity for artists to share their story and their work, and helping them overcome common obstacles in the life of an artist.